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Miller index class. More...

#include <miller.h>

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Public Types

typedef scitbx::vec3< NumType > base_type

Public Member Functions

 index ()
 Default constructor: (h,k,l) = (0,0,0).
 index (base_type const &h)
 Construction with an instance of the base type.
template<typename OtherNumType>
 index (af::tiny_plain< OtherNumType, 3 > const &v)
 Construction from the highest array type in the inheritance tree.
template<typename OtherNumType>
 index (const OtherNumType *hkl)
 Construction with raw pointer to index elements.
 index (NumType const &h, NumType const &k, NumType const &l)
 Construction from individual h,k,l.
bool operator< (index const &other) const
 Definition of sort order for human-readable listings.
bool operator> (index const &other) const
 Test this > other, based on sort order defined by operator<().
std::string as_string () const

Detailed Description

template<typename NumType = int>
class cctbx::miller::index< NumType >

Miller index class.

Member Function Documentation

bool operator< ( index< NumType > const &  other  )  const [inline]

Definition of sort order for human-readable listings.

This comparison is computationally more expensive than fast_less_than below.

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