cctbx::sgtbx::asu Namespace Reference

Direct space asymmetric unit classes. More...


class  asymmetric_unit< direct, optimized >
class  cut
 Plane in 3D for representation of faces of the asymmetric unit polyhedron. More...
class  direct_space_asu
 Direct space asymmetric unit. More...


typedef long int_type
typedef scitbx::af::tiny
< int_type, 4 > 
typedef scitbx::vec3< int_type > int3_t
typedef scitbx::mat3< int_type > mat3_t
typedef unsigned short size_type
typedef boost::rational< int > rational_t
typedef scitbx::vec3< rational_t > rvector3_t
typedef std::set< rvector3_tset_rvector3_t


enum  intersection_kind { none, fully, partially }


const rational_t r1 = 1
const cut x1 = cut(-1,0,0, r1)
const cut x0 = -x1*0
const cut x2 = x1/2
const cut x3 = x1/3
const cut x4 = x1/4
const cut x8 = x1/8
const cut y1 = cut(0,-1,0, r1)
const cut y0 = -y1*0
const cut y2 = y1/2
const cut y3 = y1/3
const cut y4 = y1/4
const cut y8 = y1/8
const cut z1 = cut(0,0,-1, r1)
const cut z0 = -z1*0
const cut z2 = z1/2
const cut z3 = z1/3
const cut z4 = z1/4
const cut z6 = z1/6
const cut z8 = z1/8
const cut z12 = z1/12
const cut p1 = cut(-1,1,0, r1)
const cut p0 = -p1*0
const cut p2 = p1/2
const cut p3 = p1/3
const cut p4 = p1/4
const cut m1 = cut(-1,-1,0, r1)
const cut m0 = -m1*0
const cut m2 = m1/2
const cut h1 = cut(1,-2,0, r1)
const cut h0 = -h1*0
const cut k1 = cut(-2,1,0, r1)
const cut k0 = -k1*0

Detailed Description

Direct space asymmetric unit classes.

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