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scitbx/rigid_body/essence grew out of the development of the dynamics engine for the phenix.refine torsion angle dynamics module, which is used as a complementary method to gradient-driven minimization, as a way to escape from local minima. See also:


The variable names in the scitbx/rigid_body/essence source code follow the nomenclature used in Featherstone's Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms as much as possible. Numerous RBDA comments point to equations, tables, and figures in the book. When using the source code, it will be essential to have the book available as an introduction and reference.


Files:   dynamics algorithms, based on Roy Featherstone's Matlab library    spatial algebra, also based on Roy Featherstone's library      some joint models       corresponding body objects  general matrix algorithm (copy of scitbx/matrix/      unit tests compatible with Python 2.2 or higher

Download all files at once:

To run the unit tests:

cd scitbx_rigid_body_essence

The full scitbx/rigid_body functionality requires compiled modules, written in C++. Download the entire scitbx from here:

or the entire cctbx (of which scitbx is a subset) from here:

Follow the instructions on the latter page to install the cctbx or scitbx bundles (e.g. perl scitbx_bundle.selfx).

The cctbx source tree is hosted at SourceForge. The latest versions of the files in scitbx_rigid_body_essence can be found here:

A version of that's closer to Roy Featherstone's original Matlab code can be found here:

The file is a simple 3D graphical viewer displaying trajectories. It requires wxPython and the gltbx module of the cctbx project. An easy way to get everything in one file and install with a single command, is to download the phenix package from:

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